Dear Readers, Writers, Teachers, Health Care Providers and Everyone Else Interested in the Moral Complexities of Life and Love...

While bookstore readings are lovely both to give and to attend, we live in an age where writers and readers can connect in many other ways. I've spoken in hospitals, schools, and in the intimacy of people's living rooms. (As Kristin, a recent book club participant put it, the whole experience can be "shockingly uplifting.")

Please check my Events page for upcoming events, but if geography or time precludes an actual visit, I'm also available via Skype. For most private events, I'll visit for free as long as you have a group of ten or more interested readers. See below for info on how to set this up. 

Here's all you need to set up a Skype visit

  • a group of interested readers and a place to gather
  • a computer with internet connection
  • a webcam with microphone. (If your computer doesn't have one, pick one up for under $40 at an office supply store.) 
  • a free Skype account  


Discussion Questions for book clubs or classes. On her Home page. 

Read testimonials from past participants. On her Events page. 

To see what my visit to your group via Skype might look like, watch this brief video